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Introduction by Ian Kershaw MBE

Since first being involved in the First Aid Industry in 1996 I felt that it needed to change and move forward in terms of monitoring systems and consistency of standards and I felt, the only way for this to happen was to work very closely with the Training Organisations. This is something that I have always strived to achieve in the past and will continue to do so with the FOFATO. My vision some 25 years ago was to see a First Aid Industry that was working to the highest possible standards of First Aid training but perhaps more importantly to me was to enable every Training Provider, irrespective of size, to be able to compete  for business on a Level Playing Field. Consequently I did not want to see an Industry that was monopolised by a few larger Training Providers because in my view    that would not be healthy for the Industry. 

FOFATO represents First Aid Training Organisations which in turn creates an Organisation that is DEMOCRATIC, has a POWERFUL VOICE, offers HIGH STANDARDS of Training and can bring the Industry together in order to achieve its FULL and TRUE POTENTIAL.

My KNOWLEDGE and  EXPERTISE within the First Aid Industry means that I am able to guide Training Organisations in the right direction in order the achieve the required results.

Furthermore as a direct consequence of the way that HSE have handled the outcome of the Lofstedt Review (in relation to First Aid) it is vital that CLEAR, CONCISE and IMPARTIAL information is given to both TRAINING ORGANISATIONS and EMPLOYERS.

Key Objectives of FOFATO

Create a Powerful Voice across the First Aid Industry
To enable FOFATO Members to openly discuss issues within the First Aid Industry with HSE as well as other interested parties.

To Promote High Standards of First Aid Training amongst its Members
Ensuring high standards of First Aid training amongst its Members by ensuring they are working (as a minimum) to HSE standards.

Projecting Federation Members to Potential Clients and Customers
By ensuring high standards of First Aid training we are able to confirm the credibility of our Members to current or potential Clients and Customers.

To Increase Trade and Business for Federation Members
By marketing Employers across the United Kingdom we aim to increase the market share of our Members.

Key Benefits of FOFATO

Recognised as a Main Consultative Body by the Health and Safety Executive
Following correspondence with HSE in September 2007 the Federation is now recognised as a Main Consultative Body in relation to First Aid issues.

Recognised as the ONLY truly Independent Body within the First Aid Industry.
FOFATO does not directly offer any First Aid Training and therefore does not have any Conflict of Interest with any Training Organisations within the First Aid Industry.

Providing immediate support on First Aid and Health and Safety related issues.
Daily support by telephone is provided to any Federation member on a First Aid and Health and Safety related issues.

Providing Work for our Members.
We advertise vacancies for Trainers and Assessors and Training requirements from Employers are circulated amongst our Members.

Provide the latest up to date information within the First Aid Industry.
We provide up to date information to all our Members (either via e mail or on the website) on a regular basis in relation to any issues within the First Aid Industry in an easy to understand format.

Giving Recognition and Credibility to our Members.
All our Members are thoroughly vetted before they appear on our Website.

Provide Member discounts on all products in First Aid and Health and Safety.
Excellent Member discounts with be provided to a variety of First Aid and Health and Safety Related