Paramedics registered with the Health Professions Council are exempt from the requirement to hold a valid FAW certificate to administer first aid in the workplace.

Paramedics registered with the Health Professions Council are exempt from the requirement to hold a valid FAW certificate to be trainers/ assessors for FAW courses, providing they can demonstrate their competence to train/ assess.

One assessor can conduct assessments on an FAW course with no more than six students.

Following on from an article in HSE First Aid at Work Newsletter Issue 2, October 2007 HSE is considering the future delivery of First Aid at Work (FAW) and Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) courses by third parties.

Delivery of FAW training by Third Parties

At present HSE approved Training Organisations are allowed to make arrangements with a third party for delivering FAW training courses. The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981, do not prevent the provision of FAW training in this way.

In terms of the Approval and Monitoring process the HSE Approved Training Organisation is responsible for the quality of FAW training

Certain safeguards are required to be met including:

– All FAW courses run by a third party meet the requirements defined in HSE?s guidance.

-The HSE approved provider should internally verify that all trainers and assessors used by the third party are appropriately qualified and experienced and should monitor their skills at least once a year.

– Only the HSE approved provider can issue FAW certificates. Therefore, any training delivered by the third party will be supported by a certificate bearing the name of the HSE approved organisation.

– There needs to be a good, regular level of communication between the approved provider and the third party.

– The third party should make it clear that it provides FAW courses on behalf of the approved provider and is not HSE approved in its own right.


Where the above conditions are met, third parties will be able to deliver FAW and EFAW courses in the future.

SCOUT Enterprise (Western) Ltd

HSE intends to ask its Contractor (SCOUT Enterprises (Western) Ltd) to collect relevant information when they conduct Post Approval Monitoring visits. It will cover the number of training courses being run and the number of sites from which the approved provider delivers them, including third parties.

Training Organisations who are are operating from ?multiple sites? they may require more than one monitoring visit every five years in accordance with the matrix on HSE?s website. The approved Training Organisation will be charged for each monitoring visit.

HSE will work with the approved Organisation if problems are identified however if major problems are found which are not addressed and relate to inadequate oversight by the approved Organisation, HSE may revoke the Certificate of Approval.

The collection of information on numbers of first aid training courses and training sites is likely to start before the end of 2008.

For full HSE document see www.hse.gov.uk/firstaid/review/june08interim.htm